Issue 6
Chief Sam Pena Increasing the Focus on Firefighter Health and Safety 
Department is on a Path to Remove Harmful Exhaust Fumes from Fire Stations
By: PIO Sheldra Brigham 

The Houston Fire Department is working under the direction for Fire Chief Sam Pena to improve the health of its firefighters and will have assistance thanks to a recently awarded grant. HFD has been awarded the 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG). The award will give the department the ability to protect firefighters and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Due to the extremely busy emergency response system in Houston firefighters are exposed to vehicle fumes on a routine basis. When these vehicles are started, the exhaust infiltrates the l

living and sleeping areas of the fire stations that are staffed around the clock. HFD proposes to improve the health and safety of its firefighters by reducing exposure to vehicle exhaust; a known carcinogen at 15 of the busiest fire stations in the city through the installation of vehicle exhaust removal systems.  These 15 stations are responsible for deployment to a quarter of HFD’s emergencies.

According to a recent OSHA study, repeated short-term exposure to high concentrations of diesel emissions can cause headaches, dizziness, and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. Prolonged exposures have been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, and lung cancer.
Approximately 600 of HFD’s firefighters are assigned to the 15 stations selected for installation of the vehicle exhaust removal systems.  In addition to being some of the busiest in the city, many stations selected are among the busiest in the county. These systems will provide a healthier and safer work environment for Houston’s busiest first responders. The system captures and extracts all exhaust fumes when engines are running in the apparatus bay. It is simple to use, efficient, and a recommended cost-effective method for controlling exhaust emissions for Firehouse and EMS applications. In addition to inhalation exposures, the capturing of vehicle emissions will also limit exposure via ingestion while firefighters eat their meals at fire stations. Numerous studies support the standard set forth by the National Fire Protection Administration 1500 and recognize the necessity of removing particulate matter from apparatus bays to prevent infiltration into living quarters used by firefighters. 
Right now the HFD has one exhaust removal system at fire station 8 due to an $80, 000 donation from Chevron. The (AFG)  grant will allow systems at stations: 7, 9, 16, 21, 25, 28, 31, 39, 46, 51, 56, 58, 60, 68, and 73.

"One of the greatest risks to firefighters often presents itself away from the fire ground. Connections between firefighting and certain types of cancers has been evidenced by a number of studies. Exhaust fumes and other residues on protective gear are carcinogens and dangerous.  A firefighter can experience a lifetime of environmental exposure in a compressed period of time.  It may be from exposure to one fire or in many cases from chronic exposure throughout the career of the firefighter," said Sam Pena, Houston Fire Chief. 

The total grant award is $703,914 with Mayor Sylvester Turner has approving matching funds of $70,391.  HFD is in the process of applying for next year's grant to add vehicle exhaust systems to more Houston fire stations.

New Protective Hoods Providing More Coverage for Firefighters

The protective hood covers those exposed areas of the neck, which are not protected by the coat collar, SCBA face piece or helmet. As such, the hood is considered an interface item where burns can readily occur if not properly protected. The hood completes the firefighter encapsulation process, protecting them when they enter dangerous environments. They were purchased through a donations  from Shell Oil Company; $140,000 , 20,000 donation from Firehouse Subs and 16,000 from Chevron. Mayor Turner provided additional funds to complete the purchase.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparartus  Deployment

Another project representing millions of dollars in investment towards the health and safety of HFD personnel is the recent deployment of brand new Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus or (SCBA).
Firefighters recently received 526 SCBAs and 3,046 face pieces purchased through the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG); $2,956,414 grant funds with a HFD match of $443,462.
The new SCBA ensembles and individual face pieces will provide Houston firefighters with a host of built-in increased safety measures that will significantly improve their current protection levels while working in IDLH environments and will give them more ample warning to allow for a safe exit from the IDLH environment.
The new equipment increases voice intelligibility requirements so that firefighters are able to communicate more effectively and heads up display (HUD) indicators alerting the wearer of the available air supply. This change will make a dramatic improvement to the respiratory safety to Houston Firefighters providing members with an additional 2 minutes and 10 seconds of airway protection that could be the difference between life and death on the fire ground.

Firefighters Go Gold for St. Jude

Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena approved a partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital allowing Houston Firefighters from fire stations across the city will swap their uniforms for a gold t-shirt on Monday, August 27, from 12pm- 5pm in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Gold is the official color of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, approximately 16,000 children and teens in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer. Once in five of those children won’t survive.

On September 22, 2018, supporters of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in communities across the country will join to participate in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer, an exciting family-friendly event to raise money for the children of St. Jude.  In 2017, more than 90,000 people participated in 63 events across the country and one virtual event, collectively raising more than $10.5 million. The Houston St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer will take place at Minute Maid Park in the Diamond Lot.

Firefighter's Personal Story with Cancer

When HFD announced a partnership with St. Jude many firefighters shared personal stories and struggles in the fight against childhood cancer. 

Captain Kyle Gunderson from Station 6C shift says he was happy to wear the gold shirts for children’s cancer. He shared the following:


“It has such a deep meaning in my heart and I hope this tradition can continue. In January of 2017 my daughter Anna was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As a parent it is the words that you never want to hear come out of a doctors mouth. Through 6 months of Chemo and 14 days of radiation my daughter is in remission and is full of life. When I told her that we would be going gold for August 27, there were two things that came out of her mouth. First, even though it is the first day of school as soon as I get out I am coming to the station and the second was Childhood Cancer month is in September and how come you are only doing it one day? (Side note my daughter is trying to get her school to go gold for the whole month of September). Itold her that you have to start somewhere and that I am happy to have been the shift to represent. As she promised as soon as school let out she made the drive in and was excited to take a picture with all of the crew at Station 6. As If you can’t tell, she is the one in the middle and loves to come visit.

Thank you very much for allowing us as firefighters to bring awareness to such a great cause, and I hope that in the future we can make my daughters dream come true of having everyone go gold for Children’s Cancer, just like everyone goes pink for Breast Cancer.Thank you again, Kyle Gunderson"

Fire Marshal's Office
Chief Richard Mann, Executive Assistant Fire Chief

A lot of progress has been made over the past several months on the transition to the new Infor system. This should provide a major improvement in the LSB record management system the tools necessary to increase productivity and accurately report the work being done. Thanks to those who have provided input on the development of Infor. There will be a live, full demonstration in late September that all will have the opportunity to observe and provide feedback. We are currently on-track to go live with Infor in the Spring.

Improving Inspections and Permitting
Infor update from Debbie Hoffpauir, Sr. IT Business Analyst

LSB is deep into the elaboration phase of our new Infor CDR Project. The project team is documenting and verifying how the inspection and permitting solution will work for the department. The cloud- based web application is being configured with workflows and timelines that will decrease the chance of targeted properties or expired permits falling through the cracks. Locations in the new system will be validated against GIS data to increase accuracy and eliminate duplication. Simplified access to relevant data will also provide accurate reporting of the department’s accomplishments and provide essential information for decision-making.

The project team has made considerable progress including access to the prototype application with test data. In the test environment, customer service representatives process fire alarm permits, and inspectors can complete inspections and generate inspection reports. Participating inspectors reported finding the mobile application simple to use, summarizing inspection data at a glance, utilizing code referenced checklists, and providing GIS location information. Over the next few months  the remaining processes and reporting details will be documented and configured. Departmental training on the completed application should begin in the first quarter of 2019 for all teams except Plan Review, which will maintain their process in ILMS until the HPW Building Department processes move to the INFOR application.

Overview of 1st Half of 2018
By: Michelle McLeod, Fire Marshal

RBI Model Updates

The process of cleaning the RBI list by identifying the addresses as valid/invalid and ensuring the property is assigned to the correct team will be lengthy but necessary. Last quarter, the Apartment Team compared the RBI list with their list of apartments and Habitability’s list. The team identified 4,200 unknown addresses and investigated each one to determine if they were valid locations. This produced a more accurate list for the team and improved the team’s efficiency.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

During the 2018 HLSR, from February 26th -March 18th, LSB had one Chief Inspector and 2 shifts of one Senior Inspector and 6 Inspectors assigned to the event. The Inspectors worked closely with the HLSR Safety Committee performing daily inspections, LPG 

inspections, and crowd control. The Inspectors performed admirably, and the event concluded with no major incidents.

For the past several years, the HLSR has provided HFD with a $50,000 grant to purchase items and equipment that allow HFD to better support youth, educational, and community events. Because LSB is such an integral part of the Rodeo, we were allowed to use a portion of this grant to purchase gas sensors and leak detectors to enhance our LPG inspections. These are currently maintained by the LSB Special Ops Team.

High Rise Activities

There are 20 High-rise buildings currently under construction in the City of Houston. These 20 High-rise buildings include; 8 apartments, 3 hotels, 4 residential condos , 2 hospital remodels, and 3 mixed use buildings.                 The High-rise list of buildings currently under construction and the list of all existing High-rise buildings have been sent to District Chiefs to be distributed accordingly. We will be meeting with District Chiefs to address any concerns that can be addressed with the Fire Code related to High-rise buildings in their districts.The High-rise team has met with representatives from several organizations to review plans of future high-rise buildings prior to construction and is currently enforcing the fire sprinkler ordinances, and  attending Houston TRIAD meetings monthly.

Thanks to Ms. Daisy Lopez for newsletter contributions from the Fire Marshals Office

Astros and Gardner Denver Adopt two More Fire Stations
Human Resources Update
Assistant Chief Michelle Bentley

New benefit year begins September 1, 2018 for 2018 – 2019 benefit year.

FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act – Members must recertify for the new benefit year. You should contact your FMLA coordinators for more information at 832-394-6600. The HFD FMLA Coordinators are: Gail McGruder, Last Name beginning with alphabet letters A-L and Claudia Dimas, Last Name beginning with alphabet letters M-Z.

  • Unused Personal and Wellness hours expire August 31st

  • September 1st, Wellness hours awarded

  • Personal hours will be awarded in October

Retirements – Do you have questions regarding retirement? Please make an appointment by contacting HR at 832-394-6600. We will provide information and discuss the process, as well as answer any questions you may have. 

Classified Promotions Formal Ceremony on August 30, 2018 at City Hall (900 Bagby, 1st Floor Legacy Room) 10am

14 – Engineer Operators and 1 – Investigator were promoted. 

We have several classified promotions vacancies: 1 – Engineer Operator, 7 – Captains, 1 – Sr. Captain, 3 – District Chiefs, 1 – Inspector, and 1 – Communications Captain.

Classified Testing Exams are as follows: Sr. Captain – August 28, 2018 – written exam components, Captain – August 29, 2018 – written exam components, and Engineer Operator – October 10, 2018. For classified recruiting the  Certified Firefighter & EMT Trainee civil service exam announcement will post on August 29, 2018. The exam date is October 3, 2018. 

Hurricane Harvey Survivor Reunion
By: Diana Rodriguez, EMT

During Hurricane Harvey Sharon Young experienced a medical emergency. She was at the home of a friend with her dog at the time.  She took her dog out in the rain for a quick walk and felt chest pain. Sharon took aspirin, but the pain became worse and her friends insisted on driving her to the nearest Fire Station on Woodway.  

When Sharon arrived at HFD Station 2, paramedics did an EKG and determined she was NOT having a heart attack. Although she was in terrible pain, she was relieved and just wanted to go back to her friends’ home and get back to her dog. HFD paramedics insisted she must go to the hospital because her blood pressure was sky rocketingand they knew this was a life-threatening situation. Sharon finally agreed.  

HFD administered treatment as Sharon went in and out of consciousness -- meanwhile they maneuvered through high water. Almost an hour later, they finally arrived at the hospital emergency department. Sharon was having an aortic aneurysm. She was hospitalized in ICU and her blood pressure stabilized to prepare her for life-saving surgery.  

Sharon Young, along with her friends and family are coming to HFD Station #2 to thank all those that convinced her to go to the hospital and gave her appropriate prehospital care -- despite Harvey floodwaters and helped save her life  

HFD Members: Ambulance 02: FF Paramedic Joseph Riley and EMT Luis Flores (El Paso)

• Medic 60 Paramedics: E/O Douglas Descant; FF Shane Fitzgerald

Dr. David Persse, HFD EMS Director will emcee this event.

Meet HFD's New Accreditation Manager

Leonard N. Chan joined Houston Fire Department in July 2018 as the new accreditation manager. His main charge is to help Houston Fire Department remain the largest accredited department by the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) in the world. Accreditation centers around the concept of continuous improvement of a fire department with the process involving all levels of the organization. Key components of accreditation consist of assessing community risk, building capabilities, and evaluating performance with the input of department and community stakeholders. Chan has served as chair of the Texas CPSE Consortium since March 2016 and peer reviewed seven fire departments across the country. He previously was with a suburban fire department in northwest Austin and the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission. He graduated magna cum laude from Rice University with a B.A. in political science, religious studies, and history and from University of Houston with a Masters of Public Administration.

Andrew Fernandez Awarded Public Service Commendation by the United States Coast Guard

Andrew Fernandez is a captain from Station 35-A Shirt and recently received a Public Service Commendation from the USCG. The presentation took place at City Hall. He attended with his wife Michelle and daughters Abigail and Katherine. Below is his description of the events leading up to this award during Hurricane Harvey. 

 "On the 2nd or 3rd day of Harvey I was sent from station 16 to station 15 to ride the engine there. Shortly after I arrived at station 15 I was notified that Engine 15 was being requested

at OEM to assist with the many roles that needed to be filled. My driver and firefighters were given jobs. Asst. Chief Griffin gave me a number to an HPD officer stationed at Hobby airport and said he needed me to find safe landing zones for the Coast Guard helicopters to land, drop off evacuees, and relay this information to the officer at Hobby so he can relay it to the HPD air support unit and Coast Guard. It was quite a task considering not only did they need a safe place to drop off the people they rescued but then get them a high water vehicle to whisk them off to a nearby shelter.

I was at OEM for about 10 hours and was able to secure nearly 15 landing zones for the coast guard. I had a chance to speak with USCG Lieutenant Commander Attanasio and was curious as to how many they actually used and he said they used every one of them that were provided. I was blown away to hear that they were actually used. 15 new landing zones were was a very hard find considering Houston was under water.

FEMA eventually took over Air Support and my crew and I were allowed to return back to the station.

Michelle Fernandez had this to say about her husband:

"I could not be more proud of my husband for the work he does for Houston Fire Department. We were able to meet Admiral Paul F. Thomas with the United States Coast Guard, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, Houston Fire Chief Samual Pena, and the Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner. It was truly an amazing experience. "

HFD Marine Strike Unit and Public Affairs Taking Kids on Tour of HWV

Shrink Wrap

Moving Forward in Times of Crisis

By Natalie Sanchez

Another day goes by without relief. Another conflict arises unforeseen. How can we be in control? 

When faced with nerve-racking situations at home or on the job, there are three options: suppress, break down, or manage. Keeping our emotions from swaying under tough conditions can be overwhelming, so we may tend to either ignore the problem or have some type of outburst. It goes without saying that ensuring that we maintain control over our own emotions would make it much easier to respond appropriately and make logical decisions. But how can we stop our thoughts from spiraling out of control when confronted with a sudden dilemma? What strategies must be incorporated to manipulate a situation?

1.    Hit the Brakes, Mentally

Sometimes, our thoughts may feel like an unstoppable 18-wheeler on a crowded highway, laying waste to our mental stability, or worse. It is imperative to realize that no one else is in control of your emotions but you. Slowly apply pressure to your mental brakes and consider using any of the following techniques: steadily repeating a peaceful word/phrase to yourself, releasing tension in the body, taking deep breaths, and/or focusing on any positive you can think of- no matter how small. A must in a situation like this is to detach from yourself and evaluate by taking a pragmatic, realistic view so that you can make more rational decisions.


2.    Develop a Self-Care Routine

Although you may be under inconstant schedules and calls, you need to designate a time every day to revamp by doing something that excites and distracts you. This can mean exercising, meditating, journaling, or even watching an episode of your favorite show. Do not feel ashamed of taking care of yourself. Treat your free time as a way to recharge your mental battery, and not as a waste of time. This can be done in the same way we make sure an apparatus is ready for the next call. Relax so that you can avoid burnout and so that you can approach sudden situations with a more positive outlook.


3.    Tell Someone

Sometimes, an ongoing plight outside of work can be so impactful that it may cause a 

person to be more vulnerable and susceptible to “cracking up” under pressure. Coping with personal troubles is made easier when you feel like you have someone to confide in. Utilize your peer support system and describe your troubles out loud so that your fellow firefighters may act as soundboards. Perhaps you will discover a solution you wouldn’t have thought of before.


4.    Learn and Develop Coping Skills

After each call, mentally note the situation. This allows you to perform a personal mini-debriefing and becomes good practice for the personal real-life events in our lives. But make sure that you understand that even if you could have handled the situation differently, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. Different people require different means of relieving stress after calls, so find which healthy tactics favor your needs.


If you are having trouble tackling stress, therapy is an option for relief.  Contact our HFD Staff Psychologists for further assistance:   Dr. Buser: (281) 799-8032       

                                                             Dr. Tran: (281) 901-4341   


Natalie Sanchez is a sophomore at the Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions. She plans to pursue a career in health psychology, and serves as a Psychology Staff Assistant as a part of the 2018 City of Houston Summer Jobs Program. Natalie is supervised by Dr. Jana Tran and Dr. Sam Buser, HFD Staff Psychologists. 

Latest Arson Promotions

Congratulations to our New Inspectors and Investigators!!!

11 Investigators graduated from Peace Officer school and 9 Inspectors successfully completed Inspector certification training. Even better, all of these members passed their state certification skills tests and exams.

HWV at Texans Training Camp

HFD's new Marine Strike Unit and Public Affairs visited with Kiddos and showed off a high water vehicle at the Texans Training Camp.

First Responder Mural

Chief Pena attends the unveiling of a first responder mural. This is the Westchase District’s largest mural to date: a 100-foot wide by 20-foot tall mural designed as a tribute to Hurricane Harvey rescuers. The mural is located on a concrete slope where the Brays Bayou Connector Trail intersects with the Wilcrest Connector Trail, just north of the Westpark Tollway. The trail follows along a Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) channel, creating a thematic tie for the mural’s subject.

The organizers decided in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and upon hearing about the many stories of heroic rescues during the catastrophe that it would be appropriate to create a mural that recognized and thanked the citizens who selflessly came to the aid of others. 

The man tasked with creating the mural is Larry Crawford, the same artist who has painted ten “muralitos” on traffic signal control boxes throughout Westchase District.

Crawford said that next to getting to the site, his greatest challenge with this project is getting the scaling and perspective right, since the mural is so large and on an angle.

Long Battle Ended

E-58 attended the birthday party of 9-year-old  Bella Hernandez who was also celebrating her last chemotherapy treatment. 

Arson Handgun Training

Recently, newly promoted Investigators along with several “seasoned” Investigators and Chief Mann attended Advanced Handgun Training at the HW Range and Training Center.

Upcoming Training

Leadership Command College

The Leadership Command College is the most comprehensive program offered at LEMIT and is often compared to the FBI National Academy. The nine-week program (consists of three 3-week modules) is designed to provide law enforcement executives with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful leadership in a modern law enforcement agency. Targeted for completion over a two-year period, this program consists of three modules held at prestigious universities in Texas, including Texas A&M, Sam Houston State University and Texas Woman's University, which focus on the strengths of each institution.

It also includes an optional fourth module to continue educational opportunities as well as a Leadership Command College Alumni Association to keep in touch with colleagues from the course and ongoing information on topics of interest to the field of criminal justice.


Must have a minimum of five years of full-time, paid law enforcement employment and two years as a supervisor.

Upon completion, member earns 9 undergrad credits or 6 graduate credits and 130 TCOLE hours per module.

Free meals, lodging, and training with Police ID number.

Fire Executive Management Training

The Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) partnered with the Texas Fire Marshals' Association to provide the first executive management training session for the discipline in the nation. The program addresses the professional qualifications for fire marshals and evaluates the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to meet essential tasks of the job based on National Fire Protection Association standards. The program also focuses on the day-to-day operations of the job as well as community risk assessments and resource distribution. Admission to the program will be on a competitive basis through an application process.

To date, 1 Chief Inspector, 1 Senior Inspector, 2 Chief Investigators, and 2 Senior Investigators have completed FEMT Module I (2 Modules total). Module II will be offered in August and November 2018. Module I will be offered in April 2019.

Station Visit

Honorary Firefighter #SuperSean Gamino and his family toured HFD station 73. Sean is undergoing treatment MDAnderson. 

HIPAA Update

HIPAA Compliance Officer:

Kenneth W. Payne

Chief Communication

Office #832-394-6865

Cell #713-299-2872

Mission Statement

This monthly newsletter is to keep H.F.D. personnel informed of HIPAA news and regulations throughout the year in concomitance with the yearly Moodle class.


Scenario:  An employee approaches his/her manager to request time        off.  He/she tells her manager about having a surgery, names the  specific chief complaint, and begins describing the procedure in  detail.

Scenario Response:  Since the information is not coming out from the health plan, this is not a HIPAA violation.  However, the manager should caution the employee to follow the city’s sick leave procedures with the appropriate physician’s excuse, and the employee does not need to go into his/her specific health condition in detail.

Air Conditioning Repairs Update

F066-Leak was repaired and now both circuits are working and cooling properly.

F010-Unit is now properly charged and leak was repaired.

F031-Both units, kitchen and dorm areas are now working properly.

F011-Waiting on parts to make repairs, parts should be in by the end of the week.

F021-Received proposal to get unit replaced. Affected areas do have temporary cooling placed.

F078-Waiting on proposal to also get unit replaced. Affected areas do have temporary cooling placed.

F027-Unit that controls gear room has a leak, will try and locate leak today and see if it is repairable.

Radio Accessory Solutions

Since the discontinuation of the Scott Radio Lapel and In-Mask Speaker Microphone, on July 28, 2018, the HFD, HITS and Scott Safety engineers have been testing modifications for a correction of sound distortion issues witnessed on deployment.  Current modifications look promising and are being field tested among select “TEST-Districts”. In conjunction with the modifications, we are also lowering radio power output on a sample set of radios in response to speaker damage witnessed among our “TEST-Districts”.  So far Scott Safety has been very responsive to our radio issue and we will continue to work closely with engineers until a solution is found and verified.  Once a plan is determined to correct the accessory problem department-wide the Resource Management Division will send information to the rank-and-file of our intervention strategy.  Our goal is not to deploy any communication components department-wide unless we have verified confidence in its performance.

Houston Firefighters to take part in 9-11 Run

Teams from HFD will take part in the 9/11 run beginning at 7:30 a.m.  (Saturday, Sept. 8), 


Firefighters will join runners from around the Houston area at the 8th Annual Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run.The 5K race will be held in downtown Houston, beginning at City Hall, and will include members from various branches of the military, HFD, HPD and other runners who have chosen to commemorate 9/11 by honoring the fallen. Proceeds from the race will benefit the Travis Manion Foundation, Assist the Officer, Houston Professional Firefighters Association and Operation Lone Star - Texans Supporting Our Troops.  

The Travis Manion Foundation expects more than 50,000 Americans, including 25,000 registered runners, to come out across the nation to run, volunteer, donate and cheer. But most of all, participants will honor the more than 9,000 men and women who gave their lives on and since 9/11 .

Inspired by one Marine’s pre-deployment visit with New York City firefighters, the 9/11 Heroes Run started as a small town event in suburban Philadelphia to honor all those who serve our country in uniform. That initial 5K race has grown to more than 35 runs this year, including races in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guam, Italy, England, and on a ship in the Persian Gulf.

For more information, visit

Valor Awards

This year’s Houston Fire Department Valor and Service Awards Ceremony will take place on the evening of October 27, 2018 at the Omni Houston Hotel Westside, at 13210 Katy Freeway. The Committee has been reviewing each of the approximately 30 nominations submitted this year to determine what shall be awarded and will provide additional information including this year’s honorees and ticket information within the next upcoming weeks.

August Statistics

In August, HFD responded to 28,447 incidents (3,533 Fires and 24,914 EMS).


The busiest stations in August were:

1. Station 8 responded to 905 incidents.

2. Station 7 responded to 705 incidents.

3. Station 28 responded to 691 incidents.

4. Station 46 responded to 629 incidents.

5. Station 73 responded to 573 incidents.

6. Station 55 responded to 552 incidents.

7. Station 34 responded to 508 incidents.

8. Station 56 responded to 468 incidents.

9. Station 82 responded to 448 incidents.

10. Station 31 responded to 436 incidents.

HFD Promotional Ceremony

Promotions: Engineer Operators: Rodrigo Munoz, Jason Bonjour, Jason Foster, Roderic Taylor, Jeremy Jones, Wesley J. Pleasant, Michael Michna, Casey D. Hershey, Wai Tong, Andrew Swanson, Ross Long, Jorge A. Gamez, Adam Kolenc, Samuel Pitts, Jose Garza, Christopher Fillmore and Investigator John Levasseur.

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to submit a question to Fire Chief, to Sam Peña 

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